The overall scale of China’s manufacturing industry has been the world’s first for 14 consecutive years, and the market momentum of 2024 fasteners

At the moment,
Global industrial chain and supply chain
Is going through an adjustment and restructuring.
As the world’s largest manufacturing nation,
China’s position in the global supply chain remains unshakable.
In 2023, the overall actual supply of structural steel supply side has not changed much, but with the increase of production capacity, the market competition pressure has further increased. For 2024, the competitive pressure on the supply side will not decrease, the process of “general improvement” will not change, the market supply or maintain a high level, but affected by the policy and its cyclical changes, the demand side is expected to continue the improvement situation since the second half of the year in 2024, and the price center of gravity is expected to move slightly upward.
In 2023, China’s fastener enterprises took the step of going to sea again.Hebei Yongnian and other places organized fastener companies to go out to sea to grab orders, and official and civilian overseas delegations also set out one after another. The government, associations, and industry platforms are sparing no effort to help fastener companies “go out.”
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Looking forward to the future, the fastener market still has a broad space for development. With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous growth of market demand, the fastener industry will usher in more development opportunities.

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Post time: Feb-01-2024